Hoist and Rescue Training


What we do best!

Management Marine Service provides the vessels and crews for the USCG to train their pilots, flight mechanics and rescue swimmers. We act as the training platform so the crews may practices their techniques and procedures to save lives. We also act as a on scene security cover vessel to protect the swimmers from boat traffic and marine life (sharks) while they practice their rescues scenarios. Management Marine currently serves Air Stations Miami, Houston and Clearwater. Also supporting fixed wing aircraft for their precision drop mission of supplies and survival equipment to those in trouble at sea. We gather the drop gear from the ocean, grade the accuracy of the drop and return the gear to the Air Station. Both the hoisting operation with the helicopters and the drop gear retrieval with the aircraft are a cost effective way to free up USCG small boat assets which can be better used for actual life saving or law enforcement duties. This service is available to commercial operators of search and rescue helicopters and local law enforcement operators near the water. 

Ask About Your Air Station

We can provide consultation to you for no cost. We are experts at remote location operations and logistics for the Air Stations. Use our GSA Schedule for ease of contracting.

Foreign Nationals Can Train with us.

We can arrange for you to conduct your Helicopter Ops training at one of locations. We can accommodate even the largest of helicopters  .

Fixed wing Air Drops and Commercial Helicopter Support as well

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Multiple Boat Choices at Multiple Locations

We provide a fleet of fast boats for your private waterside security needs. High value assets, whether they are ships under construction, private yachts in an unfamiliar harbor or your water front home, there is nothing like the peace of mind a good security plan can give. Include us as you prime waterfront security platform. 

Having an event that could overwhelm your current waterborne police force? We will provide the security boats to supplement your fleet. Simply put an officer onboard our boats and you now have a force multiplier option. 

Towing and salvage


Not the Ordinary Salvage/Tow Company

We are experienced at specialized towing and salvage work. Post storm recovery, in difficult environments, is where we do best. Call us for a quote on your next job.

Dive and research support


Unusual Work = Great Results

  • We do special event planning support and execution of the safety zones on the waterside of the events. Buoy location and setting, dive support and tending the markers for and during the event is typical of the jobs we do. Boat Shows, Air Shows and Sailing Yacht racing are some of the events we support. 
  • Committee Boat, Mark Set Boat, Coaching Boat and Team Support Boats for sailing or power boat racing are just some of the boats we can provide to qualified persons.
  • We are contracted with NOAA to support some of their scientific research projects. We support surveys and retrievals of their equipment.
  • Do you need a boat which can support your underwater surveying? Ours is the perfect platform. We even have the capability to support onboard dive tank filling to maximize your time on scene.

disaster relief


When Disaster Strikes .......

Management Marine Service is a registered FEMA small business. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Provide immediate small boat search and rescue with trained crews in SAR. This is meant to supplement the Federal and Local assets and be a Force Multiplier.
  • We have an aircraft ideal for Search and Rescue, immediately available with aircrew current Mission Pilot and Mission Observers, to execute a search pattern as designated by the Incident Commander. 
  • After incident response to secure high value assets and relieve local and state law enforcement from the task. Using our boats and our crews we will secure any and all designated targets.
  • Transportation vessels for FEMA officials, after incident job supervision and site surveys.

vessel refurbishment


We love rigging boats

We have the experience you need in small boat refurbishment. Under contract to DoD we refurbished two Boston Whaler Guardian boats to like new specifications within a short period of turn around time. A very satisfied customer. Our own fleet of boats started out as GSA Auction boats needing repair and replacement. We did the complete job and continue to refurbish our own fleet and we can do yours too. We have expertise not only with Boston Whaler but Willard RHIBS, Willard Launch boats, SAFE Boat Defender, USCG 41 UTBs, Sea Ark and Inmar CRRC boats. Our engine experience include outboards such as Yamaha, Mercury Verado and Evinrude. Diesel engines from GM Detroit, Cummins and Yanmar. Outdrives from Konrad and Mercruiser are on our list of expertise. 

Do you have a boat that needs a new life? Call us we can make it the way you need and the way you want it to be. We do more than ex military boats, give us a try and you will love the results.


Quality Service Guaranteed. 1+239.595.4520 20618 SW Citrus Blvd. Indiantown, FL 34956


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